10/07/2013Put your hands together and clap along with JP Fouwith The Lost Generation Podcast
SelectIn solidarity for my over worked American Government workers, I undertook a Furlough, but I did it a full 2 months before the American Budget crisis and without any care for American budget concerns. But the furlough is over, I am back and raring to go with a nice conversation I recorded with the very funny and multi-talented JP Fournier who, at the time of the recording, had just finished up a very successful run at the Edmonton Fringe, which we talk about amongst the normal rambling I do.
08/05/2013A considered screw you to Guy Earlewith The Lost Generation Podcast
SelectSuper Comedy Fan Carla and I sit down over a steak and discuss the recent decision from British Columbia regarding the actions of Guy Earle all the way back in 2007 during an Open Mic. Guy was raised up by the media as evidence of the erosion of freedom of speech, and comics used him as an example of how comics should be allowed to say whatever they want on stage. We read the decision, and discuss how the media has lied to us; and how reading the case, rather than the media coverage o
07/22/2013And a moustache makes three...with The Lost Generation Podcast
SelectThe dapper, stylish and very funny Shawn Gramiak joins me in the BatCave, where we talk about he setting of goals as a comedian, his path into doing what he loves, and all started off with an apology to Shawn and his co-host JP Fournier on my last appearance on their podcast "The Movie Jerks"
07/08/2013Will the Real Mike Dambra Please Step Forwardwith The Lost Generation Podcast
SelectWe welcome into the BatCave studios Mike Dambra where we talk about the struggles of being a Dad, being a Dad in Edmonton, being a comic in Edmonton and just being....
06/24/2013Get thee behind me, Joke Thiefwith The Lost Generation Podcast
SelectThe topic of Joke thievery has popped up on the national media stage recently, so Dan Taylor and I talk about what the differences are between theft of ideas in the comedic versus evangelical versus academic communities. As well some local tales of joke theft are discussed and I ponder on why I won't walk away from one of the jokes I was recently accused of stealing. I'll let you in on the reason now: it has to do with the credibility of the accuser mostly.