03/29/2016EP #229 - No One Is Impressedwith The Spew
SelectAs the elections start to heat up everyone has an opinion. Vilmos suggests what you should do with yours.
03/24/2016EP #228 - You've Been Ownedwith The Spew
SelectDo you enjoy the videos that claim someone OWNED someone else? Vilmos explains who is actually being OWNED.
02/27/2016EP #227 - The Mitch Hedberg Story with The Spew
SelectThis past week would have been Mitch Hedberg's 48th birthday. This is my Mitch Hedberg story. It was my first paid show and when you're a new comic you get some good natured hazing from the veterans. This is my story about how I was hazed by Mitch Hedberg.
02/16/2016EP #226 - The Valentine's Day Guidewith The Spew
SelectNow that Valentine's Day has passed Vilmos talks about how your next one could be much better.
02/13/2016EP #225 - Your Opinion Is Not Finalwith The Spew
SelectIt used to be when people gave their opinion it was just that, an opinion. Now people are starting to think that their opinion is the final word. Vilmos gives HIS opinion.