06/14/2016Thank You! We Love You! Good Night!with The Rutledges
SelectEpisode 155 is The Rutledges last episode. Thanks so much for listening once or often.
04/19/2016Triscuitswith The Rutledges
SelectEpisode 154 The Rutledges have a Salt on the Rim update, Gabe talks about performing for farmers and surprise birthday parties, and Kristi eats Triscuits and opens a package.
03/08/2016Tree Treewith The Rutledges
SelectEpisode 153 The Rutledges discuss nicknames, how much sex drive is too much sex drive, and come up with a gross name for a gross thing.
02/16/2016The Guy In Deer Hunterwith The Rutledges
SelectEpisode 152 The Rutledges discuss Gabe's Level 3 Comedy Show
02/03/2016Here Come The Waterworkswith The Rutledges
SelectEpisode 151 Gabe complains about an audition where he felt like they wanted him to get emotional and then gets emotional