03/18/2015Episode #50 - Mar 18, 2015with The Mentorist V2
SelectThis is the last episode of the podcast. Vilmos and Paul Curtis both would like to thank you for listening and your support. Hear their final thoughts.
03/11/2015Episode #49 - Mar 11, 2015with The Mentorist V2
SelectPaul give advice to a comic that is featuring for the first time. A comic torches his career online.
03/04/2015Episode #48 - Mar 4, 2015with The Mentorist V2
SelectVilmos and Paul discuss Bill Hicks and one of the principles of comedy he lived by.
02/25/2015Episode #47 - Feb 25, 2015with The Mentorist V2
SelectWhy it's wrong to apologize for a set. Vilmos and Paul discuss an article on the 6 essential ingredients to humor.
02/18/2015Episode #46 - Feb 18, 2015with The Mentorist V2
SelectWhy comedians should watch the weather. Is it normal for a comic to dislike watching a video of themselves performing? Can taking an improv class help your standup?