09/19/2017Random Replay: It's a team thingwith Jose Sarduy
SelectOriginal air date: 05/26/2011 Jose is couching it these days. He's given up his apartment to make a greater commitment to comedy and the road. He talks about a show he's pitching to a network and the new tour he's on, The GI's of Comedy.
09/12/2017Random Replay: The Stand Up Chronicleswith Adam Harris
SelectOriginal air date: 03/19/2012 Adam has been doing a Podcast called the Stand Up Chronicles since January 2009. Like the Green Room Adam interviews comedians who are on the road each week. His approach is different from the one Vilmos takes. He and Vilmos discuss how he started his Podcast and his background in stand up.
09/05/2017Random Replay: First timerwith Vic Alejandro
SelectOriginal air date: 04/08/2010 Vic is a rising star in the Denver comedy community and is bringing his show to Tucson for the first time.
08/29/2017Random Replay: Respect your audiencewith Flip Orley
SelectOriginal air date: 04/19/2012 Flip has a deep respect for the audience members that become a part of his shows. He takes great care to make sure their experience is good and they are not put in a bad light.
08/22/2017Random Replay: Cutting against the grainwith Steve Marshall
SelectOriginal air date: 03/30/2011 Steve was teaching school and using humor to help his students learn. Then he became a comedian and has been on a fantastic journey ever since. Not only does he perform in clubs. He warms up the audience for The View from time to time and has coached some very well known comedians.