01/23/2018Random Replay: Trailblazerwith Darryl Rhoades
SelectOriginal air date: 09/15/2011 Darryl has been doing comedy and music all his life. Vilmos met him early in his comedy career and they have been friends ever since. They talk about how Darryl handles his Facebook account and a run of one-nighters they recently went on.
01/16/2018Random Replay: The tip of the Uncle Lar icebergwith Larry Reeb
SelectOriginal air date: 04/13/2011 A truly legendary comedian Larry Reeb has watched standup comedy become what it is today. In this episode he discusses the worst place he ever worked and whether he thinks Jim Gaffigan stole his joke.
01/09/2018Random Replay: Still glowingwith James Goff
SelectOriginal air date: 04/10/2012 James is doing well personally and professionally. He's enjoying fatherhood with his 1 year old daughter. Comedy is good to, as he continues hone his comedic skills and build a fan base.
01/02/2018Random Replay: Always thinkingwith Jose Sarduy
SelectOriginal air date: 02/18/2012 Jose is a great example of what a comedian really is. Introspective yet constantly aware of the world around him. Jose discusses his decision to enter the military as well as his recent decision to study at a seminary.
12/26/2017Random Replay: Breaking away from the packwith Rusty Z
SelectOriginal air date: 05/05/2011 Rusty Z came to hypnosis the long way. He was in a popular band. He gave that up to become a comedian. Then he saw an opportunity to combine his interest in hypnosis with what he'd learned as a comedian. Then it all made sense....