04/25/2017Random Replay: Working on New Years Evewith Sam Fedele
SelectOriginal air date: 12/30/2008 Sam is looking forward to being on stage on New Years Eve. He talks about what the crowds are like, Christmas and how he's doing after the election.
04/18/2017Random Replay: What he saidwith Jason Russell
SelectOriginal air date: 07/07/2011 Jason and Vilmos discuss on how our current politically correct society is effecting comedy. They specifically talk about Lenny Bruce, Tracy Morgan, Gilbert Gottfried and several other comedians that were recently affected.
04/11/2017Random Replay: What's in a numberwith Mitchell Walters
SelectOriginal air date: 11/29/2011 Mitchell discusses the movie he was recently in called Uncle Melvin's Apartment. Also discussed are his days on the Ron Bennington's Disciples of Comedy and his unique ability to incorporate area codes in his act.
04/04/2017Random Replay: Contest, festivals and sitcomswith Leif Skyving
SelectOriginal air date: 06/17/2008 His first time on stage was at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Then just when when things were getting good he went on an 8 year hiatus from comedy to be a musician But fortunately for us he came back and went back on the road. In this episode Leif discusses how he ended up in Idaho, his participation in comedy contests and festivals, and the sitcom he has written.
03/28/2017Random Replay: Music, Comedy and Ray Banswith Darryl Rhoades
SelectOriginal air date: 09/30/2008 When he was growing up Darryl just wanted to play music. Somewhere along the way he decided to make his music into something funny to. He has also crossed paths with some of the greatest musicians and comedians of our time.