12/22/2017Geno's Picks NFL Week 16with Geno's Picks
SelectGeno explains why the Steelers-Patriots game ended exactly how it should have and what the officials are really to be blamed for. All while breaking down the NFL Christmas Weekend.
12/16/2017Genos Picks NFL Week 15with Geno's Picks
SelectDaddy is back after a second straight 8-8 week with this breakdown of NFL Week 15.
12/08/2017Geno's Picks NFL Week 14with Geno's Picks
SelectDaddy is back trying to keep his strong second half going wiht these breakdowns of all of NFL Week 14.
12/01/2017Geno's Picks NFL Week 13with Geno's Picks
SelectDaddy has a not so awful 9 and 7 week to bring him to 77 and 83 on the year for 48%. Hey let's stay hot.
11/25/2017Genos Picks NFL Week 12with Geno's Picks
SelectDaddy is back from a 7-7 Week 12 to put him at 68-76 on the year but an impressive 3-0 Thanksgiving to bring him to 71-76 overall. Here is hoping he can stay hot.